Christmas Decorating In My Foyer

 geometric cushion covers     |      2019-07-24

It’;s that time…;the holiday season has arrived! Are you planning and preparing? Have you started your Christmas decorating?

I won’;t have a house to decorate this year until mid December. To get me in the spirit of the season and not feel as if I am missing out, I went shopping at Pier 1 and chose a few items to decorate my foyer one last time.

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Since the season is about so much more than just Christmas morning, starting to decorate at the end of November makes the house magical all December long while building up the excitement to Christmas Day.

You know I love to decorate, but I really, really LOVE to decorate for the holidays. I know it stems from my childhood and coming home after school in early December to a house transformed by my mom into a holiday wonderland of greenery, twinkle lightsgeometric cushion covers, and Christmas touches all around.

It also comes from years of working in retail display and decorating the stores I worked in from top to bottom every Christmas. I learned a lot of tips and tricks and use many of them year after year to decorate my house.

Trees and mantels get most of the decorating attention this time of year, but I like to “;do-up”; the sideboard in my foyer by decorating it differently each year.

Remember what I did last year? ?I enjoyed creating that display, ?but since my life is in limbo while we are making the transition to a new house, I found myself craving order…; I think that is why my mind went to lining up similar items from snowflake placemats, mercury votives, glitter spheres, faux cedar trees, and shimmer branches into orderly rows. :-)

One Christmas decorating trick I like to use is to find ways to repurpose items. I like to find new uses for garland ties besides tying pine garlands to banisters. I used Jingle Bell Garland Ties around each lamp in the photo above so they would become part of the festive decor. I also use them on doorknobs, (see photo near end of post) candles and even to embellish gifts.

Do you know what is the easiest way to set a holiday mood in your house?

Candles!!! I can’; t have enough.?They produce a magical glow and add holiday warmth where ever you place them.

As dusk settles in…;the warm glow of the candlelight intensifies the magic.

A collection of champagne colored?Rattan Glitter Spheres bring nature and glam together in such a festive yet subtle way.

A Christmas without glitter? ?Not happening at my house…;. It’;s would not feel like Christmas, I need to see the sparkle. ? I adore these spheres…;I may go back to the Pier 1 to get more so I can place them “;en masse”; in an ornament bowl that I use every year somewhere in my house.

I stayed with a natural theme on the sideboard, but when you turn to look towards the entry door I had a little fun with color…;

…;I am Jingling in the season with colorful?Jingle Letters hung on festive ribbons from the top of the door using a thumbtack.

Hanging the letters with ribbons and attaching to the top of a door works on wood doors. My door is metal, but the center and top is wood, yours might be, too.

To figure out how long each ribbon needs to be so the letters cascade down when hung, I laid them on the floor in the order I wanted them to hang. I spaced them 2-inches apart. I then measured how long each ribbon needed to be. The ribbon for the “;J”; is the shortest. The one for the “;E”; the longest. Before cutting the ribbon, add about 2-inches to each length. You will need this when hanging the ends of the ribbon over the top of the door with a thumbtack.

2. ?When all the letters have ribbon attached and the glue is dry, place the opposite end of each ribbon under each other and push a thumbtack through all the ends of the ribbon as shown.

3. Stand on a step ladder, open the door and press the thumbtack into the top center of the open door. ?Trim ends of ribbon if needed so they do not hang out the other side of the door.

And don’;t forget to place the gentle tingle of jingle bells on your doorknobs. A standard holiday statement at my house.

To complete the Christmas decorating for the space, I added a few Pine?Sprays with Berries?into an urn by the door.

It is easy to add some Christmas decorating magic of your own this year with affordable ready made decorations. ?Mixing and matching them with your family favorites will have your home holiday ready in no time allowing you to sit back and enjoy the splendor of the season.

A little greenery mixed with some sparkle and festive colors thrown into your home will say…; the holidays have arrived!

Thank you?Pier 1?for sponsoring this post. While this was a sponsored opportunity from?Pier 1?all content and opinions expressed here are my own.