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I’;ve rounded up more than 25 of my favorite ‘;how-to’;s”; to create Halloween Costumes for Kids. These costume ideas are great for Halloween for a fun dress-up day. Many of these easy costumes are no-sew and would be great if you’;re looking for last-minute Halloween costume ideas!

Halloween Costumes for Kids are some of my favorite things to sew! I had so much fun when my kids were growing up planning out our costumes for the year. I loved it when we could “;match”; our costumes as a family. Yes, I’;m “;that”; mom.

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Over the years I’;ve tried to share the tutorials for kids costumes that I would make. Some years I’;d sew elaborate costumes and some years all I could muster was “;organizing”; a bunch of store-bought items into a costume.

One of my favorite things is to create what I consider a “;half-homemade”; costume. I like to combine purchased items with things that I sew to save me time when I’;m sewing the kids costumes.

Many of these tutorials feature “;half-homemade”; costumes. If you’;re making costumes try to think out of the box! Use what you have around the house. Trust megeometric cushion covers, it makes for some really fun and creative Halloween costumes!

If you’;re new to costume making then you might want to read this post with 3 tips for sewing your own Halloween costumes.

Here are a few of the Halloween costumes I';ve made over the years. Most of them have full tutorials. Some of them require purchased patterns.

This Ariel Halloween costume does not require a pattern. You can save time constructing the costume by using a purchased white blouse.

It';s hard to find costumes for kids as they get older. Especially boys. This Mad Scientist Costume is made using all purchased supplies. No sewing required.

This fun Scaredy Cat Costume is no-sew. It uses a Cricut Machine to help you save time as you';re making it.

This costume was dreamed up by my sister several years ago. It';s not a full tutorial but you should be able to make one yourself very simply using some felt.

One year our whole family dressed up like Harry Potter character for Halloween. My son went as a quidditch player. This tutorial features a simple store bought sewing pattern.

This is one of my all-time favorite Halloween costumes! It';s made using lots of scraps of fabric and requires only very basic sewing skills.

I love to sew but sometimes I just don';t have time. These Alice in Wonderland Costumes were created using store bought supplies.

This is my sons favorite costume from when he was a kid. It';s not a full tutorial but you';ll be able to easily reproduce the results yourself.

I love to dress up with my kids! These witch Halloween costumes were created using a combination of purchased clothing and sewn items.

Not in the mood for a big witch hat? Why not make a fascinator instead? You';ll be the most stylish witch at the party!

Capes are great for all kids of costumes. Learn how to make a simple basic one here.

There are so many great sewing and DIY blogs on the internet. Here are a few kids costume tutorials and ideas from some of my favorite blogs.

We absolutely LOVED the new Spiderman movie. If my kids were younger I know that these costumes would be on their ";wish list"; this year!

I love funny costumes! This one is so cute and clever!

Okay, I admit I had to ask someone last Halloween why there were so many baby shark costumes! Kate from SeeKateSew shows you how to make one of your own!

Is there anything cuter than a baby in a costume? This Ice Cream Cone costume is so simple and cute!

This might be the cutest thing I';ve seen all day! How cute is this costume? Ashley walks you through making one step by step.

Another adorable and clever no-sew costume.

We love How to Train Your Dragon! My kids read all the books. This toothless costume is simple to make and oh so adorable!

Who had a set of Wonder Woman underoos growing up? (*raises hand*) . I loved dressing up like Wonder Woman and would have loved it if my mom made me this costume!

Such a cute idea for a costume for a baby!

My girls went as 50';s ";girls"; one year for Halloween. It';s still one of my favorite costumes! Bev teaches you how to make your own poodle skirt with this tutorial.

Star Wars. Jedi Robes. Need I say more?

This costume is a bit more involved to make but the result is stunning! Find out how the girls at Simple Simon &; Co created it.

This Frozen costume can be made in an hour! Great for last-minute costume makers.

How cute and clever are these? They are also great costumes for warm-weather trick or treating!

Let';s just say she had me at ";lazy mom"; LOL

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