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 geometric cushion covers     |      2019-09-28

With increasing attention on sustainability, recycling and green living, interior designers have seen an emerging popularity of natural, rustic, hand made and environmentally friendly furniture. Block wood furniture, which is surprisingly furniture that appears to be made of one continuous and solid piece of woodgeometric cushion covers, fits nicely into this new trend. Its charming and rustic appearance, fragrance and beautiful grain qualities make it a sophisticated and stylish design piece in its own right. Available in chairs, tables, stools and more this article takes you through how best to incorporate these beautiful pieces in to your home and overall interior design scheme.

As touched upon the chunky and tactile feeling of these pieces make them a design feature in their own right. Furthermore, because of their form they often also physically demand a rather large space to look effective. Consequently, when considering the larger pieces of this furniture be sure to embrace and respect the spatial requirements and only purchase if you have a large airy room. Keep the space around the piece relatively clutter-free and focus on embracing and enhancing the form and style of the furniture itself.

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For the best effect use the furniture in a room or space which incorporates a number of tactile and interesting textures such as steel, slate, glass, leather and fur. This will, even if the colours vary, help to create a design statement on a solely sensuous level. If you have chosen a large dining suite; keep wood used elsewhere to a minimum. If you have chosen a small coffee table or stool; repeat the use of wood in accessories, fireplaces, mirrors and curtain poles.

To dress this furniture it is best to choose items that are as simplistic and reliant on form, scale and texture as the piece is itself. For coffee tables, consider an angular and slender chrome table lamp or glass bulbous stand. Or, consider a tall and curvaceous shiny vase in black or sunflower yellow. In more traditional properties such as cottages, place the table in front of the fireplace and position a large bowl of pebbles or fruit on top.

For a large dining suite it is best to keep the crockery relatively simple and to scale with the size of table by using large plain white dishes or pewter or stainless steel chargers with smaller more practical plates on top. Choose man made and oversized glasses and large water jugs made from metal, ceramic or glass. Add to this two large suspended cast iron chandeliers or two similarly sized candelabras with plain and simply stylish church candles. If for that extra comfort you would like to add seat cushions choice a plain and neutral shade of canvass, denim or suede to complement the textural qualities without competing with the table.

To summarise chunky block wood furniture has a charming and unique character that creates a warm and sensuous feel. Its bulky presence does however mean your design scheme has to embrace its need for space and equally it is necessary to accessorise with objects of a similarly large scale. Overall however this type of design scheme creates a truly effective, striking and cosy look suitable for both traditional and contemporary homes.

Hi, Friends. ?These past five days have been flying by fast and furious! ?I was super busy filling all those Etsy sale orders (thank you so much by the way), my youngest son’s girlfriend is in town, we celebrated Easter a week early on Sunday, and my spring home tour was yesterday (if you missed it, see it HERE). ?Even though it’s been busy, it’s the good kind of busy – making memories and having fun!? ? Today, I want to share a few finds from Walmart (yes, Walmart) and how I used them to put together this fun spring succulent garden!

I actually made these curtain panels and curtain rod for our last home, and I was SO sad to see them go! I bought a long wooden dowel and wooden brackets at Home Depot. Then I made a custom stain with wood stain and chalk paint.

The edgestitch foot—or more specifically, BERNINA Edgestitch Foot #10/#10C/#10D—is my favorite foot. Now, if I were a quilter I might change my mind and choose the Walking foot #50, but I’m not; I’m mainly a garment/accessory/craft/home decor stitcher, and I use this handy little attachment on nearly everything I make. How do I love it? Let me count the ways ??