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The biggest concern with baby walkers is falling, says Dr. Hoffman. “The most severe injuries tend to result from falls down stairs and off of desks, but there is still a significant risk even on flat surfaces, just with tip-overs,” he says. Both Dr. Smith and the AAPgeometric cushion covers, as an organization, are calling for a nationwide ban on the sale and manufacture of infant walkers. “The take-home message is if you’ve got one, get rid of it. Take the wheels off and dispose of it,” Dr. Smith says, and Dr. Hoffman wholeheartedly agrees. But taking away your kid’s infant walker doesn’t mean you have to take away your kid’s ability to bounce up and down. “Kids like that kind of motion, so something like a stationary activity center, which looks like a walker but doesn’t have wheels, is a great alternative,” says Dr. Smith. In a paper from 2001, the AAP also recommended stationary activity centers as a safer alternative to infant walkers, though it stopped short of endorsing specific products.

I have sewn, crocheted, knitted, etc. a lot of different bags, purses, totes, etc. over the years. This is one of the easiest and quickest to complete. I like this one because it actually grows to accommodate the amount you need to carry. You can adjust the measurements and the type of fabric. I used a colorful canvas type because I was looking for durability. The color hides dirt. The canvas should resist tears for quite a while. I am a bit rough on my bags--they go everywhere with me and I am as likely as not to throw them on the floor in a corner just to get them out of the way. You could easily use a pretty or lacy fabric but then I would take the time to line the bag. The cording I used for this project came from a braiding technique I learned from an instructable that was demonstrating how to make friendship bracelets. (Braiding Wheel Friendship Bracelets by sherrycayheyhey)

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