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 geometric cushion covers     |      2020-01-18

Throughout the planning process you begin to realize just how expensive certain aspects of the wedding can be. The biggest surprise to me was the price of rental items. For our wedding we needed to rent many items, from centerpieces to furniture, and there was no way we could pay rental prices for all of it. I knew that finding the perfect inspiration would lead me to my dream DIYs for some of the small but not so small items, like the table decor.

I wanted to keep it nautical and freshgeometric cushion covers, but I also didn't want plain clear vases on every table. I decided on vases in various sizes rapped in rope.?Once I met with the rental company, I learned that it would be $8 per vase, and we would need at least 18. As soon as I heard that total I knew I would need to make these myself, and on a budget!

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All you need to make this DIY rope centerpiece is:

Rope (I bought 3/8″; from here)

Empty Can (I used three sizes for the actual wedding centerpieces)

Hot Glue Gun


Start by hot gluing the end of the rope to the bottom of the can. Since I was using 3-strand rope, I unraveled it a bit and glued each strand by itself.

As I started going around the can with the rope, I would twist it tight as I glued. I would glue about an inch, then not glue two inches, then glue another inch, and so on until I got to the top.

I glued the end of the rope to the inside of the can to keep it in place.

After you finish gluing the rope, you are ready for flowers! I hope these flowers left over from a wedding I worked last weekend, and it was time to cut the stems again anyway. They all fit perfectly into their new home.

I am so happy with how well they turned out, and they were actually very easy to make.

My new favorite iron-on Beetle Pillow was made with the new Cricut EasyPress! And I LOVE IT!?

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