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 geometric cushion covers     |      2020-01-17

I’;ve been wanting to make a large DIY Round Wood Serving Tray with handles for a long time! I love the look of a round tray, but I didn’;t like the prices. I plan on using it for a charcuterie board, entertaining and for easy kitchen decor.

When I saw the wood round at Lowe’;sgeometric cushion covers, I knew it was time to get busy!

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Charcuterie boards are so popular right now and this large wood tray with handles makes it easy tohold a few snacks for easy transport.

My husband has always enjoyed a platter with a variety of foods. He calls it a plowman’;splatter and will usually make one up for his lunch on the weekends. I think it’;s pretty much the same as a charcuterie board, filled with salami, cheeses, dried fruits, olives, crackers etc…;but sounds less fancy, like me!

The experts are more technical and recommend you add:

But I say add what you like!Forget the rules!

When I’;m not using it for entertaining, I’;m using it in my kitchen. The walnut stain matches my chair seats perfectly!

DIY home decorating projects are the best!

I’;m happy I finally tackled this project. This DIY Round Wood Serving Tray will be useful in so many ways!

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