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 geometric cushion covers     |      2020-03-27

Coyuchi Board Members Jessica Smith and Kevin Brine combine love of Coyuchi’s classic sustainable aesthetic with love of East End Long Island in the summer at their beach home in Southampton. Below, a closer look at Coyuchi in the Hamptons.

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Master bedroom (above): The Mediterranean collection in mustard warms up the traditional setting. A mix of Double Diamond Sheeting and crisp 300 Pintuck Percale add an element of detail. A writing desk perches in a corner by two large paned windows allowing light to stream throughout the space.

Guest room (above): A polished coat of white is offset by a rustic finish on the white guest room bed. The bedding takes a bold colorful twist with a Coyuchi Rustic Linen Duvet Cover in Tangerine paired with Sunflower Pointille Sheeting and Dobby Weave Shams in Tangerine.

Above: Lattice of pattern and texture, the Coyuchi Labirynth Duvet in Natural with White.

Above: The pathway from the house to the beach.

Above: The pool house neatly organized with a haven of Coyuchi towels and blankets. Detailed shot above of Mediterranean Towel Collection in Indigo.

Living Room (above): The interior of this room was inspired by an oil painting by homeownergeometric cushion covers, Jessica Smith, full of sweeping color and dimension. The Coyuchi Color Wheel and Pinwheel pillows pair easily with a set of Zig Zag Matelesse Throws.

Above: A view from the deck, looking over the pool.

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Above, Jenelle Montilone shares a photo of her quilt with the WeAllSew Community.

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