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 geometric cushion covers     |      2019-12-02

Cast your mind back to the 1960's and you'll remember that pale lilac was the colour to have in your bedroom. Within a few years the most popular colours for bedrooms were blue and green, usually coordinated with magnolia. Today we are seeing a return to soft and gentle lilacs in bedrooms, the pale tones are perfect for teaming with neutrals and white to give a new look to an old colour. It's not just the colour that being revived, as we know checksgeometric cushion covers, stripes and floral patterns are now back on-trend in bedrooms; these patterns are also perfect for pairing with plain walls, flooring and bedding.

Maybe lilac is being given a new lease of life because it's a great colour to use if you want your bedroom to be relaxing and your own haven of peace and rest. With our modern busy lifestyles it's easy to forget to switch off and before you know it you're heading for meltdown. However, just because the colour has been reintroduced into our homes doesn't mean you have to adopt a retro interior design style.

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Lilac can be successfully used in all styles of interiors, from traditional to contemporary and everything in between. The amount of pattern you use will also help you to put your own interior design ideas into practice. From gentle checks to toile on duvet cover sets or plain luxury bedding the choice is yours. You could have an entirely plain plain bedroom and simply add subtle touches of a pattern fabric in lilac to get the look. Look for cheap curtains in lilac tones to bring the colour theme together and help to balance the style of the room; remember a little can go a long way, and if you want to add the 'wow' factor to your bedroom being discreet about where and how much colour and pattern you use is the key to success.

Too much of anything can tip your style over the edge and make it too confusing to the eye. Gently does it and you're onto a winner! Whether you decide to place the colour on your walls, curtains, bedding or accessories, you'll find that this beautiful colour tone gives just enough colour contrast to make your bedroom look and feel warm and inviting. Just what we all need to help us unwind and de-stress after a long day!

In today's present economic climate we're all trying to do our bit to reduce our carbon footprint and make our homes as eco-friendly as possible. 'Going green' is not merely choosing the colour! It's about making informed decisions and choosing eco-friendly options for decorating and furnishing your home whenever possible. Take a look at our interior design ideas and see if you can make a difference to your carbon footprint.

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