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 geometric cushion covers     |      2019-12-04

Want to give your home interiors a new lease of life? Then, try new cushions or cushion covers. Quick, easy and cost-effective, cushions can be just used for adding that oomph in your home. Moreover, the best part about decorating with cushions is that there are no strings attached. Simply do as you like. If you think you want to add that vigour in a room with cushions, then infuse some bold ones otherwise mix and match, and do up your room in a jiffy. Likewise, there are no strict rules whether two or four cushions will look good on a sofa. It’s all about creating that lounge effect, so do as you like. For any further queriesgeometric cushion covers, these tips will come handy.

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Make your living room more warm and welcoming by infusing colourful cushions. They simply make the space cosy and pleasant and you love sitting there for hours, embracing that soft, snuggly cushion. You can also mix and match colour schemes and patterns. Cushions and cushion covers come in varied designs, patterns and colours, and you can easily blend a wide and vivid variety. So, if you want to experiment with that bold and bright colour in your living room, then a cushion cover is your safe bet.

Set the Mood of the Room

Small yet mighty, yes you say that for a cushion. Coming in myriad of colours, prints and textures, you can set the room ambience with them. From romantic to minimalist, masculine to feminine, create the theme and set the mood you want. Infuse red and pink heart shape cushions for that romantic bedroom ambience, while for a minimalist living room, stick to cushions in same shape in pastel colours and self or plain pattern.

The Number, Size &; Type

This often gets difficult to decide. But with the number simply follow the rule that odd number cushions are apt for a contemporary sofa. So, go for three or five cushions on a three seater sofa and two cushions for a four seater one. But this number might change with the size of the cushion. Ideally, go for large size cushions on big sofas and small one for a single seater couch or armchair. Nonetheless, if that lounge affect is on your mind, then go for large size cushions.

The Cushion Fabric

Let comfort and practicality guide you in your search forcushion fabric. If you want a soft and easy to maintain cushion cover, then cotton or jacquard fabric are your safest bet. You will want to snuggle them and can easily maintain with a machine wash. But if you want a touch of luxury, then explore the silk or velvet variety. Likewise, if you want to kill the winter grey, then adding colourful cushions in wool or fur can be ideal. But these will attract dust and need more maintenance.

Blend with Interior Design

If nothing seems to help, simply ensure that the cushions blend well with your interior dé;cor. You can choose designer cushion covers in colours and patterns similar to your rugs, curtains or overall dé;cor scheme of the room. It reflects consistency in designing and can enhance the appeal of the room.

When you want a new and colourful room, then look no further than cushions. And when bored, getting new ones will not pinch on your pocket. Affordable and appealing, you can try add cushion set or explore the different filler cushions and make your home vibrant and welcoming. Play with some bold ones and let them be accent pieces in your room.

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