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 geometric cushion covers     |      2019-09-06

A big part of improvising is imagining possibilities, or “;listening”; to the possibilities inherent in a situation or a thing. That can mean any thing, even something as ordinary as a hook,?though its always easier if it has a simplegeometric cushion covers, rather classic design that can work in a variety of situations. The trick is to ignore what the item was originally designed for. This handmade brass boat hook is a fine example. It is at once handsome, understated, and elemental, both modern and rustic. It would work equally well as a bathroom towel hook, a closet hook, key hook, fireplace tool hook…;as coat hooks (a row of them on a wall by the door), or, as a “;pot rack”; (many hooks composed in stacked rows or ?as a cluster on an entire wall of a kitchen)…;How you use this hook can change as your life and environment do (so it’;s also a good investment; a lot of value for the $$).

Here’;s another enduring multi-purpose hook also listed as a “;boat hook”;.

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A loved one's birthday is coming up soon - but you still have no idea what to get for them. Worried?

I have been dreaming of a votive candle wall above the bathtub since we moved into this house nearly two years ago. ?The one thing I did not want was a large metal votive holder. ?I wanted something simpler and lighter. ?I wanted to let the flickering candle flames be the focus. ?I pinned two inspiration images; one of DIY hanging mason jar votive holders and another of assorted hanging glass votive holders.