retro cushion covers Did you catch my April Fool’s trick yesterday- pillow case baby

 retro cushion covers     |      2020-03-06

Yeah, the chocolate covered veggies was all a joke.? April Fool’;s (a day late)!!

pillow covers floral

(In case you missed it, click here.)

Did I fool you?

Were you one who hurried and clicked away after reading that I mixed chocolate and veggies?!?!? Ha.? Yeahretro cushion covers, I know.? Gross.?? (I even tasted them all in the process to be sure it was actually gross.? Yep, they were.? Especially the broccoli.)

I’;m sorry if you thought I had finally gone crazy.? And had become desperate for content.? Imagining what you were all really thinking still makes me laugh.? Ha.

However, believe it or not, my crazy kiddos actually liked it.? Forgive them…;…;.they think anything coated in a sugary substance (that I don’;t give them freely) makes anything delicious.? So hey, maybe if you have a little one that refuses his/her greens, dip them in chocolate.? You may have a winner! :)

Thanks for the laugh.? Enjoy your day.


I like to have my hands free, especially when cycling or walking long distances, but sometimes a walk turns into a shopping trip and I end up wishing I had brought a backpack with me to carry things home.

Before heading out to the lovely Wilton Workshop (that we were facebooking and tweeting about non-stop a few weeks back), my daughter made me promise that upon my return we would make some cake for her class party at school. NOT A PROBLEM! So, while at the ridiculous-giant-amazing Wilton tent sale, I snagged a bunch of fun pans, one of which was this popsicle mini cake pan. These are perfect for playing with fondant! I had used fondant once before, to create a ridiculous over-the-top cake for Scarlet’s Circus First Birthday, and I think I was too ambitious and scared myself off of fondant for a few years. Well, after getting some basic instruction at the workshop, I was newly excited to dig in for some fondant fun, as was Scarlet. It really is a blast to do with your kids. You might even call it edible play dough? Wait, play doug is edible isn’t it? Well fondant tastes better. Let me show you how we made a different kind of cake pop and some fondant basics after the jump…Fun with Fondant