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 retro cushion covers     |      2019-11-29

My future mother-in-law and I had a blast crafting my brooch bouquet!

"Imagine that you have to leave your house forever with only a moment’s notice—what would you take with you? Imagine that you have three hours’ notice—now, what would you take? Imagine that you have one day’s notice—which of your things would make the cut? This is a bit extreme, and I hope it won’t become a real-life scenario for any of usretro cushion covers, but it brings out definite answers where once there were question marks."

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We have had our fair share of ugly tile in our various homes. We have tried our hand at painting tiles–that is how we updated our kitchen backsplash before we were ready to commit to the laminate. Right now the tile in our master bath is pretty intense and there is a lot of it! What to do? I am sure y'all have the same dilemma. Rip it out and retile (we have done it and you can see the end result in our girls' bathroom!It is beautiful, but not a feat for the weak!) or get creative and give it a DIY makeover. I am here with very good news–there are SO MANY cool ways you can update your tile. Painting tiles is a really great option, but there are others as well. Read on and prepare yourself for tons of inspiration. You will be ready to tackle your tile after seeing the amazing ways people have given their tile problems a total DIY makeover!