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 retro cushion covers     |      2019-11-29

With the housing market seeing a recovery in some parts of the UK many people are opting to downsize in order to lower their mortgages and increase the amount of disposable money at the end of each month. Whilst this may be good news for sellers, ultimately it is a buyer's market as many houses which have been available for sale for some considerable time have dropped their prices in order to sell.

Trying to sell as house can be extremely stressful and as indicated by the numerous TV programmes focused on re-locating and selling your home, having a home which attracts buyers is essential if you are going to make a sale! There are a few tips which you should take on board when making the decision to sell if you want to get your asking price along with a quick sale. First and foremost you should realise that first impressions count!

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Studies have shown that the decision to consider buying is made within the first few seconds of walking through the door! With this in mind you need to ensure that you give the potential buyers colour schemes which are neutral as this will enable them to visualise their own furniture and soft furnishing within your home more easily. You may adore deep reds and greens or vibrant neon pinksretro cushion covers, however to make that all important sale you need to tone things down a bit! Buyers will be looking for best value for money and having to spend pounds on paint and/or wallpaper may not be within their spending capabilities, which means they will instantly be put off buying your house!

Opt for fresh colours which harmonise and create a feeling of homeliness. By simply changing your curtains for those which offer a fresh clean look is a good way of drawing people's eyes to the natural light. Ready made curtains are very affordable and well worth the investment, if you really like them and they will suit your new home you can always take them with you, which gives you real value for money.

However, only draw buyer's eyes towards the windows if you have a neat garden otherwise it may well be a potential sale lost! In order for your new ready made curtains to look their best opt for those which will operate effortlessly on the tracking or curtain poles. You can further harmonise the room by buying new curtain pole finials in the latest designs which compliment both the curtains and the theme of your room.

The all important finishing touches should not be overlooked, adding complimenting or coordinating soft furnishings such as cushions and curtain tie backs will add a sense of cohesion to the room which will tempt buyers to explore further into your home!

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If predictions for this year are to be believed, then things will become much more palatable – if you’ll pardon the pun. Amongst the unmistakable and diverse colour explosion this season, purple and pink, or specifically purplish-pink blends such as Pantone’s Radiant Orchid for example, are tipped to be the hottest hues of the Spring Summer 2014 season for both fashion and interiors. Soft lilac, lavender and pink shades will create warm and cosy environments and vivid pinks and deeper purple pinks and tints will provide perfect bold accents.