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 retro cushion covers     |      2020-01-19

There’;s a lot to love about sectional sofas. They’;re a great alternative to the more traditional sofa and loveseat combination while providing just as much, if not more, seating. Plus, they’;re hands down super snuggly.

However, when a sectional is not paired with the right coffee table, the result can be off-putting and have a major effect on the overall look and feel of your room. Here are our best tips for matching a coffee table to your sectional.

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To make your space feel balanced, choose a coffee table that feels proportionate to the size and scale of your sectional. Heightretro cushion covers, width and visual weight are all important factors to consider. Think about it: an oversized coffee table just feels right parked in front of a large, overstuffed sectional —; and it’;s big enough to accommodate all who sit at your sectional. Conversely, a modern, clean-lined sectional pairs well with a slimmer coffee table, such as one with a metal base or an acrylic style.

For L-shaped sectionals, make sure your coffee table doesn’;t extend beyond the arm of your sofa on either end. If one of the sides juts out past the sofa, it can make the room feel imbalanced and block the flow of traffic. To that end, if you’;ve got a loveseat-sofa combination, try a rectangular sized table, where the shallow width is proportionate to the loveseat side of your sectional.

If both sides of your sectional are the same length, opt for a large square table that’;s more likely to fit within the space and is easily accessible to everyone seated.

Round coffee tables are a great option for sectionals, especially U-shaped sectionals. Their circular shape creates space in tight quarters and is easier to navigate around, especially when surrounded by seating. Their lack of sharp corners makes them a good choice for families with youngkids, too.And as far as good design goes, it’;snice to create a little juxtaposition of shapes between the furniture in your living room space.

Alternatively, a large ottoman or two small upholstered ottomans bunched together can pull double duty as a table and extra seating. Just add a tray to corral the usual coffee table odds and ends and for holding drinks. A great family-room option, the comfort factor is high: the upholstered furniture adds softness and it gives you a place to kick your feet up. But you do want to break up all that fabric with contrasting color. For example, if your sectional is upholstered in a light fabric, go darker with your ottoman. Or, choose a fun color or pretty pattern that will draw guests in.

So before you buy a coffee table for your sectional, assess your space and even take a few measurements. As long as you keep our tips in mind and buy what you love, you’;ll be happy with your new furniture arrangement.

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