retro cushion covers How to Match a Craft Beer With the Correct Beer Glass personalized housewarming gifts

 retro cushion covers     |      2020-01-20

Does the beer glass matter? It most certainly does! To get the perfect pour, the right level of head, and the perfect sip, you need the proper glassware for your beer. Let this serve as your beer guide for glassware selection. Andretro cushion covers, of course, stock your bar with a variety of glasses and mugs to ensure you always have the right one for any beer you decide to bring into your home.

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The rules on glassware display are pretty undefined, and most people just do it based on personal taste. However, some guidelines do exist and you are free to implement them if you choose. When displayed together, taller glasses are generally placed in the back, with the shorter glasses in front of them, like kids having their picture taken in grade school. Keep glasses upright unless there is a slot designated for hanging them upside-down, or if bugs and dust are problems. Glassware is beautiful, and you want to display it, not store it. Double-sided tape or non-slip shelf paper can be used to secure your glassware. A bit of museum wax may be a wise investment if you live in an earthquake hot spot or have children and pets romping around. Occasionally dust your glassware to keep it sparkling beautifully and ready to drink from.

Kim of Sweet Red Poppy is here sharing a tutorial for the most clever Embroidery Hoop Hanging Wall Organizer!? I’m always losing my sewing notions on my cutting table, a set of these hanging on the wall would be so useful! It’s such a fun and creative way to organize your sewing space!

Remember how it was only like 2 weeks ago that I announced here that we had our 4th little baby and time stopped so I could snuggle on that wee boy day after day? Ohhh, those were some precious days…..but it hasn’t only been 2 weeks, and that wee child isn’t so wee anymore. Oliver is a huge 19 month old now and is as full of fire as they come!? Ahhhh, the sass of the youngest child is a real thing, my friends….but wow, we can’t get enough of him and constantly laugh as he figures out his own little personality each day.

Keep your napkin from blowing away when you’re eating outdoors with this cute and functional Oilcloth Placemat! Keep reading learn a few tips and tricks for working with oilcloth and?how to make placemats with pockets perfect for the Outdoors. If you like this project you may also like this roll up chalkboard placemat sewing tutorial.?