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 retro cushion covers     |      2019-12-02

Pink has been one of the top colour choices for bedrooms for many years. Today the dusky pinks are being replaced with coral and teaberry to bring the colour bang up to-date. Coral with it's warm orangey undertones and teaberry with its darker reddish hues, are superb colours to work with to create bedrooms which cross the line between femininity and masculinity with great success. We'll take a look at teaberry first – there is such a thing called a teaberry shrub which has white bell-shaped flowers, spicy red berries, and shiny foliage.

Fabric designers have been inspired by this shrub to make fabrics for curtainsretro cushion covers, bedding and soft furnishings. As it leans more towards red than pink it can add a dramatic look when used as an accent and evokes a warm sensual look and feeling when used as the base colour for a bedroom. Coral, as we know, is also a natural material and comes in a wide range of colours.

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However, when we think of coral the orangey pink variety usually springs to mind. It's this pinky orange coral that is replacing dusky pinks in the bedroom, as it offers a warm and comforting colour choice which can be used in numerous shades and tones– once again making bedrooms slightly more masculine than in the past. The natural warmth of either of these colours is ideal for bedrooms, add highlights of white and plenty of patterns on duvet cover sets or bed throws to make your bedroom look stylishly homely.

Include large rugs in white on dark wooden flooring or carpets to soften the dark colour and contrast window treatments with window blinds by using deeper coral tones to balance the look of the room. You could also use cheap curtains in a contrasting tone or colour to make a real feature of your bedroom window. You don't have to be a lover of pink to use coral or teaberry, however, as dusky pink curtains are no longer considered fashionable it's easy to up-date your bedroom with the introduction of these colours in your soft furnishings, bedding and curtains.

Dusky pink per se may be a colour of the past, which has been superseded by coral and teaberry to give bedrooms a fresh new look which suits traditional and modern homes beautifully. Don't shy away from these new dusky pink colours as they have a lot to offer in terms of chic styling and up to the minute interior design trends.

Brushed copper and burnt orange epitomise Autumnal colours, so what could better than to team them with geometrics to up-date your home this season. Both colours can be used individually or in combination to suit your interior design style. Brushed copper is perfect for cottage and Art & Crafts styled interiors, while burnt orange is ideal for both traditional and modern homes. Both colours are naturally warming, making them especially effective this time of the year, however you don't have to complete redecorate a room to use these rich colours are either will compliment earthy colours schemes or sit comfortably next to creamy whites and ivories.

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