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 retro cushion covers     |      2019-12-03

Catching up with friends and family is one of the many things that makes Christmas so special, and opening your home to overnight guests makes things much more convenient. Whether you’;re having your parents over for the festive period or you’;re anticipating some last minute hosting when visitors want to get merry with the season, or fall asleep on the sofa after one too many roast potatoesretro cushion covers, our tips will help create a comfortable stay for both hosts and guests.

We’;ve surfed enough sofas to know your guests will be grateful for a place to stay, regardless of whether they have a dedicated space or not. A sofa bed or inflatable mattress in the living room will do just fine, but make sure you look at the environment with fresh eyes before they stay, and make adjustments to keep them comfortable.

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Keep the clutter to a minimum with a beautiful DIY Upcycled Desk Organizer. This project starts off in the pantry, and turns a few tins from this,

Fabric feeding isn’t something we think about very often, but it can be important to the final results of your sewing projects. Poor?feeding of the fabric can result in mismatched patterns, ill-fitting garments, and misaligned projects. Walking Foot #50 and the Dual Feed available on some BERNINA models can help. They both have similar functions – moving the top fabric while the bottom fabric is moved by the feed dog. This helps control shifting and moving of the layers of fabric and/or batting. Even though they have comparable purposes, the way they accomplish their goals is different and gives slightly different results.

This is the time of year that hot cocoa really shines! These Hot Chocolate Peppermint Melts will really give your drink a kick! Peppermint and chocolate go so well together, why not stir in some creamy peppermint? It’s a much easier way to make Peppermint Hot Chocolate.?