retro cushion covers Wabi-Sabi Lesson- Broken Blossom with Rubber Bands ( haiku) geometric cushion covers

 retro cushion covers     |      2019-09-11

Sally Schneider

At dinner at photographer Ellen Silverman‘;s house, I noticed a beautiful on-the-verge-of-flowering Amaryllis plant on her kitchen island…;and next to it, her clever, fast save of a cluster of buds that had broken off.

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In order to submerge just the bud’;s broken stem in waterretro cushion covers, she rigged a water glass with rubber bands to make a support. Perhaps it was the cross-hatch pattern, but they didn’;t seem like rubber bands at all, but rather, like some Japanese raffia-adorned bud vase. It was as beautiful as the plant itself and embodied the elusive quality of wabi-sabi.

Sally Schneider

Wabi-Sabi is almost impossible to describe. Writers generally circle it, or point to it.?Leonard Koren’;s classic?Wabi-Sabi for Artists, Designers, Poets &; Philosophers?(a staple in my bathroom library) comes close:

The simplicity of wabi-sabi is probably best described as the state of grace arrived by a sober, modest, heartfelt intelligence. The main strategy of this intelligence is economy of means. Pare down to the essence, but don’;t remove the poetry. Keep things clean and unencumbered, but don’;t sterilize. (Things wabi-sabi are emotionally warm, never cold.) Usually this implies a limited palette of materials…;But it doesn’;t mean removing the invisible connective tissue that somehow binds?the elements into a meaningful whole.

Sally Schneider

I find a?“;heartfelt?intelligence/state of grace”; to be at work in all sorts of creative endeavors, through?a kind of listening that is not entirely conscious. Onitsura’;s haiku* perfectly describes it:

I follow thee:A noiseless flowerIn my inmost ears.

Ellen definitely brought about?a very special poetry.

*haiku from the ever-illuminating?Zen Art for Meditation.

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